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10 bizarre facts about Parineeti Chopra you should know


No doubt the lovely Parineeti Chopra is one of the top and beautiful actors today in B-Town. We have compiled 10 amazing facts about Parineeti Chopra that you don’t know. We are sure you will never know Parineeti if you don’t know these facts about her.

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1. Scared of plane landings:

Even though she has the tomboyish attitude in her, she is scared of plane landings.

2. Never thought to be Actor:

Parineeti was Public Relations and Marketing Consultant in Yash Raj Films. Her goal was to be an Investment Banker.

3. She is triple honors graduate:

To have a triple honors degree in business, finance and economics from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom and to be a celebrated actress in Bollywood is only possible by Parineeti Chopra.

4. Team leader in Manchester:

She was the team leader of catering in Manchester United Club, this happened when she used to study in Manchester.

5. Love for the Shoe:

Instead of buying an expensive shoe, Parineeti opts to buy more shoes in the same money, that’s how much she loves shoes.

6. Her finger skin is always bitten:

Parineeti has a bad habit of biting her finger skin and she very badly wants to stop doing it. Hope she stops biting her fingers soon.

7. Only B-Town actor to endorsed Coke and Pepsico together:

Parineeti endorsed Maaza for Coke and Kurkure for Pepsico at the same time period, this has happened first time in Bollywood.

8. Wanted to marry Saif khan :

Parineeti Chopra loves Saif Ali Khan a lot and she also wants to marry him, she loves Saif Ali as an actor too, she once had told Kareena Kapoor Khan that she wants to marry The Nawab.

9. The singing Pari:

Very few know that Parineeti is a trained singer and she likes to keep this secret, she loves to sing.

10. Pizza is her dearest:

Like most of the hyperactive girls, Parineeti too is madly in love with Pizza. She craves for Pizza middle of the night.


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